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Nicklo is a London based fashion-house established in London in 2018 by Bulgarian born, Nikolay IIiev.

Since moving to London in 2009, Nikolay has gained a multicultural experience which changed his view on fashion and the way we consume and style, leading him to create a label that skilfully combined an LA aesthetic, Italian luxury, together with a London vision.

Using high quality fabrics, Nikolay uses special treatments and techniques, creating a unique, first -class and aspirational style, favoured by many of today’s musicians, sportsmen, artists and actors.

With a high-fashion fusion of tailored designs with streetwear sensibilities, the aesthetic adopts an approach nearing minimalism. The emphasis focuses on the silhouette, structure, and a refined sartorial appeal while distinctive blends of sportswear inspired elements are subtly balanced with luxury fabrications and sharp garment construction to offer comfort and functionality meaning the possibilities for the collection are endless … a Never Ending Story…

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